VTR – Variable Thickness Ring

Variable Thickness Ring, or VTR, are the innovative intrastromal corneal rings with different thickness in the same segment for adapting to the tomographic features of the ectatic corneal pathologies.

VTR is the best way to improve the visual performance of patients with mild or moderate forms of keratoconus.


Keratoconus is a degenerative disease that causes the deformation of the cornea. Due to structural deformations, the cornea gradually deforms, thinning and stretching outwards (ectasia).

The resulting curvature modifies the refractive power of the cornea, creating aberrations in the images and a distorted vision both from near and far.

The company

Ring & Co. Srl is a newly established company, located in Bologna, which deals with the design and marketing of medical devices specifically for the ophthalmic field. Ring & Co. Srl, is in possession of the CE mark which allows the marketing of VTRs.

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