1. What kind of improvement can I obtain with the implantation of VTR in my eye?

The specific advantages are : the improvement of natural and corrected visual acuity, reduction of astigmatism . Its particular  shape permits to reach a strong regularization of corneal surface : this determines significant improvement in patients quality of vision.

2. Is there a specific age to perform ICR implantation?

Really VTRs implant is possible in every period of life: it is better after 16 years old and there is no limitations in adult-old patients.

3. Is the benefit of the implantation of VTRs temporary or permanent?

The patient will benefit of the positive effects of this implant over time in life.

4. Is an out patient type of surgery? How much time does it require? Is it painful?

The operation is painless and extremely fast: routinary it lasts less than 15 minutes: the patient  is awake and the eye in anesthetized with drops.

The postoperative  period is comfortable and painless too.

5. How long is the time of convalescence? Which limitation can I have in my routine-life? Which kind of behavior is recommended in the postop period?

Generally in 2-3 days is possible to start again with normal lifestyle, also light physical activity.

6. Are there any limitations or problems for future ocular surgeries after this implant?

We know that lots of changes will happen in our body and in our eyes over time. 

If we need to face corneal, cataract or retina surgery, the presence of VTRs won’t create any specific limitations.


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